Asphalt Oval Karting United


Website will be created soon... if you specifically run asphalt, concrete, and coke syrup or have any interest in running these type of tracks please join our group we will advertise races as well as series events around the country. The goal of AOKU is to grow asphalt oval karting back to what it once was. We will work with the series over the next few years to bring you a National Series that will be one of the toughest series to race in. It will be ran by some of the best track promoters in it the country. I am a racer myself and I’m honored to start this program. I will continue to race and help promote races if needed. We will be working with tire manufacturers putting together what other main sanctions are failing to do. We will be adopting the most affordable rules package for the local racer. There is much much more that will happen in the next few years to be successful and it starts with letting people know that we are starting this.