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Whats a good routine for disc clutch maintenance I dissasemble clean after each day of raceing .if for whatever reason adriver has to come off I go on and relube the thrust bearing .being a seattime junkie and getting in the runins and whatever other track time i poican I clean and lube my bearings between runs along with the chain . Put in a fresh plug oil change and air filter before the feature hit all bolts between runs
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the chain and clutch shouldn't be touched at the track . makes it to ez to get lube on your discs and a wet chain just makes it easier for dirty to cling to it.
Probably the only exception for the clutch would be if you are running a non bearing driver, these need lubed more often.
Agreed with most of the above.

Really watch the bushing drivers if you're on a small track as Barry suggested.

Do your clutch maintenance at home. If you want to do anything at the track, a can of compressed dry air (aerosol type that is used on computer keyboards works nicely.) You can blow it out with your compressor, but be sure to have an air/water separator in line, and NO oil in the air!
I do re-lube my chain occasionally at the track -- but do so sparingly. You might consider chain wax or one of the foaming spray lubes that does not fling off even at high rpm.

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Not much maintenance at the track, that is all usually done at home, except for oil changes. I just go over the whole kart between rounds, checking for bolts that can loosen up...header, gas tank to carb, if a flathead is on it, spindle nuts, weights, etc, making sure nothing is going to fall off on the track. Especially because my son drives the kart...
My mentors are on my case for doing too much at the track but I dont realky do much I feel like. If sonething breaks I fix it if I feel like the motor im running is trash ill change it . But with the exception of passing I run my stuff hard even in practice so I check bolts .wash tires maybe change a gear or a driver between sessions chain lube is lucas spray (foam) gather maybe I should cut back on that between practice heat feature . I change oil and air filter about every 25 laps . Put in a new plug for the feature.started this with a clutch question that should have been edited for monday maint day . The only thing I change on the clutch is the driver if the clutch acts suspicious ill pull it and go to a backup .