Atlantic City Champ Kart Onboard Helmet Cam Video from 1/26/19 #51


I'm back with another video. Only one video for you guys and gals, since I qualified 7th, which locked me into the Feature, so no Heat Race.

Feature Race:

I didn't have a good race. I nearly got ran into the tires by the #00 kart and I accidentally ran over Dan in the #98 kart when I tried to avoid him after he was slow on the straight. This heavily damaged my kart and made it really hard to drive. I ended up finishing 17th. I couldn't go back to my original spot. because everybody was blocking the track and they didn't give the sign signaling the Original Lineup since we didn't complete a lap under green. I would've tried to force my way up, but the others probably would've ran me into the concrete walls. I had a lot of static on the radio and I couldn't hear them clearly.


Dew Dawg
Tough place to race..good son wanted to race there, but I never wanted to destroy the champ before race season started. Now we sold it, nothing to race anymore..