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Just a reminder that all 6619, 6625, 6626 and 6602 flywheels for the Honda Gx200/196Clone, Old style Predator 212, Hemi Head Predator 212 and the Ultra Light Flywheels will now come with 8 degrees of timing advance.

This means that with a STOCK KEY you will have 32 degrees of ignition timing. These flywheels will come with a 2014 date code and "32 degrees timing advance" engraved into the flywheel body. It will also come with a slip of paper reminding you of the timing advance and coil gap requirements.

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JPR57 - I have two (6619) of the 2012 versions / 196 Clone , what is the total timing on those
with stock key? (24 ?) & where do you check it at ?
Those models (as well as the 2013 date models) are at 24 degrees BTDC with a stock key. The best way is to use a timing light and point it at the coil while spinning the engine to see exactly where the coil is firing. Some coils have been known to fire a little different. Those flywheels use the old style magnet design and should fire when the leading edge of the magnet (the first line with grey putty) is just past center of the right hand coil leg. We changed the way the magnet reads the coil in January of 2013 and all the models since then will fire when the leading edge of the magnet (first line with grey putty) is lined up with the right hand edge of the coil. Just like the old tech procedure.
they never let flat heads ever run thing clones lack on is well built flywheels at high rpms
I thought i had the old flywheel so when i checked i have the 6602 so which means i have 32 so i thought i had 24 and got a 8 degree key way and installed it what should i do