good are they ?

If the Xpect is out of your price range the Axiom is a great choice. Xpect should be a little more forgiving and a little more confident in the front end. Compared to many other karts I would still call the Axiom forgiving though. Great knowledge base and proven over a wide variety of tracks.


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I have a axiom really like it enjoy riding it seem pretty setup friendly but as far as how it matches up with others all new karts to me are pretty close if u have a good tire program means the world


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We run JR Purple, love the Axiom on tracks below a 48 tire, okay in the 48-52 area, crap shoot above that. Below a 48 it is on par or better than anything else out there, national events in the SE are never below a 52, even had track this year where out of wrapper pinks were the fastest thing on the track.

From all indications the Except has taken care of that and has much better drive off the corners.


I too would be interested hearing feedback on xpect on asphalt. Had some real good luck with the axiom on cold wet slick to hot greasy street races around the midwest. And never had to change much but gear and tires. If they make anything better, I might get bored. Supposedly there is a sprint version xpect also!!!!!
Just wanting to know have they changed any of the front end stuff(L-blocks,spindles,tie rod tubes,etc). We have an '11axiom & don't wanna have to carry a bunch of different parts for two different karts. Waiting to see the xpect in person at Dayton trade show.


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The only parts different are the tie rods, rear bumper, front bumper and floor pan . The rear cassettes are alse so different but thata not a part you carry spares off. The rest of the parts are interchangeable. There are some new upgraded parts like the steering shaft motor mount billet pedals and heal stops and the brake line and throttle cable clamps. As for the frame its an all new design

Jon keister


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see chaffin racing port clinton ohio for some great running slack chassis and chaffin motors. we did this year and have won a lot and run up front all year. best bang for your buck. tell them alex sent you, you'll be glad you did.


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Saw a new xpect run last weekend at hanging rock kartway in kershaw sc and it looked good! He was right there with Jamie Knopf the whole race


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I had a 2012 Axiom when they first came out. We qualified top 5 in the World 100 out of the box with it. I'm 415 in the kart and was able to win some Pro races with it before I decided to take a break. I'm getting back into it now and just bought a 2014 Xpect. I felt like the 2012 Axiom I had was awesome so I got a new model thinking it will be even better. I hope to try it out in a test next weekend.

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i ran phantoms from 2010-2012. most top 5s i got was in 2012 and that was 6 (21 races) switched to a 2013 slack axiom. had 22 top 5's out of 27 races. never went to the same track back to back weeks. always a different track every week. ran up front in every week and was always running in the top on the tour races... best investment. kart does what i want and 90% of the year i didnt have a problem with the handle at all. plus the customer support is really awesome