I'm sure bob will have many new sections for all sorts of different manufacturers. He's just got a lot of stuff on his plate right now.
Usually any Chassis Manufacture that is a Site Supporter had there own section. I'm sure Bob will have those all backup when things get rolling.
I'm soon to be back in karting, really curious about this chassis brand, I ran phantom phenom as my last kart before college took over but really like what I see from axis! Anyone shed some light on the chassis? Thanks!
I have been on a icon, legend, ultramax I have been fast on all of them, now I have 3 2013 axis I am also a bigger guy and I love mine. The support is unbeatable. My 2014 is on its way to me. Drop me a line if you have any questions. But tommy and john are great people
Well the 2014 is in the shop. Getting all the final odds and ends installed. Very nice piece Tommy, J-Mac and the guys are building...
my 2013's are out of this word great. I would have to say that my 2014 is from krypton because it makes you feel like super man
John May with Axis Racing Chassis

It is with a heavy heart and mind that we make this announcement. Due to upcoming business opportunities we have decided to relinquish Axis Racing Chassis to a new owner. The number of responsibilities to family and career that we have been blessed with in our lives also make some choices necessary to serve the greater good. This opportunity in racing has allowed us to meet many people that have had great influence on our lives and knowledge base and we sincerely appreciate everyone that was ever associated with Axis during our tenure here. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck in whatever you choose to pursue in life.

The new owner should release a statement soon.

Tommy Townsend
John May
Hello to all of the AXIS family

My name is Brian Liebig; I am the new owner of Axis Racing Chassis. I would first of all like to say thanks to Tommy and John for this opportunity, and hi to all of you that I do not know yet. I will be moving Axis to Phoenix and our plan is to be up and running by the first of the year. We are working on a couple of partnerships to allow everyone to still get what you want, need and wish for. Any current dealers please get in touch with me so we all can stay on the same page. I will try my best to keep everyone informed on what is going on, right now we are just gearing up.

Thank you
Brian Liebig