B&S WF head work?


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how big would be best for your Exhaust porting if your valve size is 1.125?? any body know for sure?? thanks for any help on this..
Tator, "Big" isn't the word as much as "flow". Too big and incorrect shape will hurt more than help. Flow bench is essential. I leave this work up to experienced people. If you want to be "experienced" befriend such an expert. Patience and time is required.
Which "valve" size are you referring to. Intake, or exhaust?
What cam/valve opening and closings are you using?

I would assume he is talking about the exhaust valve, since he mentioned the exhaust port and the size of the valve....
Exhaust ports are normally 100% the valve size with an 85-90% seat ID.
The WF ports are too big from the factory.I suspect that was done on purpose,to discourage "modifications".For the factory valve sizes to work best, the ports need to be smaller and reshaped some.
The WF's have the same size exhaust port that the industrial Intek's and Model 15's have.
The Animal intake port is the same as the Industrial motors except it has the large restriction that those motors have removed.
The WF intake port is different from any or the above in that it is at a different angle and has been machined rather than just a casting.