Bark Competition 2.0

The online-store software is currently being updated.


All items will be inventoried. No more having to call to see if items are in stock!!!
Know as soon as you click!

Also, shipping will be calculated. Same as above, no more having to call for estimated freight. Saves you and me both time. Have the option to ship UPS, USPS and I'm working on Fed-Ex HOME pickup for customers who need parts for Saturday Morning/Afternoon for the Tri-State area. (NJ-PA-RI-CT-MA-DE-MD)

PayPal will be accepted also! Sell used, and buy new!!!

And of course I cut prices on more items. Biggest Items being Clutches.

Update should be complete by Friday Nov. 9th or sooner. Keep checking
45% of the website is inventoried and updated for freight. Some items may check out correctly with freight price and some may not till Friday or Saturday night for the final update.