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Listen to your parents, don't quit school, don't drink or do drugs.
Your parents are GODS. Do everything they say.


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while not making light of what's shear idiocy to get out of your kart/car for any reason on the track to confront any other driver or to try and get going again...if you get into a situation where you are "forced" out of the kart, then get to the infield and STAY THERE!! anytime you let your temper overrider your common sense that tells you not to, you are exposing yourself and others to danger.....

don't let it happen to you....
Hindsight is always 20/20, but just "what if"...

What if... despite whatever may have happened on the track between Stewart and Ward before the accident, Ward had just taken an extra 30 seconds to cool off, and thought to himself... Ya know, I'm going to always be able to say that I was beating Tony Stewart - until he ran me up the track and into the rail. I got run into the rail by none other than Tony Stewart!

He could have pulled that flat right rear tire off and put it up on the wall in his shop and had a memory and story for years to come.

Terrible situation for everyone involved.

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That's a unique perspective I haven't seen shared elsewhere about this incident. Thanks for sharing the "what if".