Bearing grease


I am looking for suggestions for lubing the clutch drum / sprocket. I have had many different brands of clutches that use a brass bushing for the bearing, they all suggest grease for assembly then spray lube like tri-flo every session. Frankly I don't think it works very well and makes a mess. While I have used a L&T with the roller bearing, the only brand I am aware of that uses this set up, I like the simplicity of a dry clutch. Suggestions for grease / lube or other ideas?


Dawg 89
buller recommends or did recommend vasaline .
others prefer hi temp bearing grease .
synthetic might be a no no .
whatever you use it sparingly .
If bushing is smooth; I recommend putting light grooves in it with a Dremel and use a lithium based grease...MolyKote. Always worked great for me.


we run a lot of bushings with dry clutches in Vintage karts. The best i have found is to lube with your left over Racing caster. Lube from the outside between heats and roll back a forth. Doesn't burn off like lesser oils. Don't overdue it.

alvin l nunley

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I bought a 6 inch belt sander from Harbor Freight. After about 2 to 3 months of heavy use, the bearings started to sing. They were sealed, hard to lube. I sprayed them with LPS2, a penetrating lube, and they gave me no more trouble for the next 2 years. Sold the business, don't know how long they lasted. MSC sells it.