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So the kart I just picked up came with all new bearings. However, the bearings are not sealed and did not come with a dust cover. Do you guys normally have issues with dirt getting into the bearings? I tried ordering the Gman dust covers but they are on back order. Do I need either the covers or switch to sealed berings, or am I ok with just the bearing? Thanks!
yes: dirt gets in even with shields.
do you need sealed bearings ? yes , otherwise you will need to disassemble the axle weekly. some spray them out and lube them.
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Ok thanks guys. The shop called me back and they said they have some other bearing covers in stock they are sending me. Thanks for the info on cleaning them, I wouldnt have done that otherwise, but now I know I will need to spray them out with WD 40 after every race. Next time I will go with sealed bearings lol
Depending on what dirt surface you race a little more or little less they will still need flushed out theres been all kinds of ways invented to flush sealed will still get to where you will end up pulling the seals some what out so be able to flush it is dirt thats what happens
Best way I have found is pull the bearings out weekly. Soak them in odorless mineral spirits until you start getting kart ready. Then put em back in and go. I use a ziploc container to soak bearings. I use same method with the chain. I've done this with sealed and unsealed bearings. Have to get the dirt out and keep them clean otherwise bearings will be shot in a few races. Wd-40 is good but best bearing oil I've used is ceramic bearing oil. On all types of bearings. Standard bearings front i pull all covers and rubber seals out and run the dust covers. Standard rear bearings just pull one side off and use shield. I always get the heavy grease out of standard bearings before running. Two drops of ceramic bearing oil and your ready to go. Ceramics dont clean first before racing. Race them one time then soak and oil before putting back in.

When you take bearings out of mineral spirits let them sit until dry. Then oil be for putting in.

Hope this helps you keep your bearings better longer.

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