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Is an ‘02 nemesis a decent chassis for a beginner? I also what something that could be competitive once my boy gets some experience. He’d just be racing dirt oval.


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Depending on his age id just stick a predator on it and let him get seat time. He will either pick it up and love doing it or bail... that way your not out thousands if he does.


Cheapest chassis you can find on Craigslist, Marketplace or here will be sufficient. Do what OvalTech said and throw a predator on it.
Attempt to set it up correctly and focus on letting them have FUN at their OWN pace and let them get seat time seat time seat time.
Then if they love it... Find yourself a kart around 2010 or newer. They can be found with only a few races on them. You'll spend less than having them beat up a competitive chassis while learning. (You'll learn quite a bit too!)

alvin l nunley

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I have no doubt the newer karts have innovations that make them moderately superior to the one you chose. Still, when it comes to handling, most say "tires tires tires tires". An engine, properly built, can make a difference, so stick with the box stock class. Right out of the box. The Briggs LO206 is a good engine/class to start with. I say that because your going to spend so much time learning to drive and set up the kart, worrying about somebody building a better engine is something you might want to avoid, at least until you learn the basics and your kid gets comfortable racing. It might look easy, but I can assure you it's not.

Colt sr

What class does the track provide per his age? A nemesis is a great chassis as long as it hasnt been beat all to crap.