Bell Helmet


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Anyone have or know anyone who has had a carbon fiber helmet? Mainly the Bell Helmets and preferably the bell GP.2 Carbon helmet.?

Thank you
Like the ones on ebay for $30-60? I would not trust them as far as i could throw them, they need to be snell approved, dot doesnt cut it in racing
Both Bell and Simpson have carbon fiber helmets for $2,000.00+ range, but Simpson also offers another carbon fiber helmet for about $800.00. I've never tried on either of the Bell or Simpson carbon fiber helmets, but I have picked the up to compare them to the standard helmets and they are much lighter.
Those are pretty cool. I have about 8 in the shed.

Some of them look really sweet, but id be worried about how they hold up compared to the better helmets like bell, impact, simpson. I know they arent gonna compare to a simpson or impact, but they seem nice. I just dont like going cheap on the helmets, that is the most important part of safety in kart racing to me
I was looking at the higher end ones. Only the bell carbons fiber helmets, was just curious if they were noticeably lighter or pretty close.