best .615 carb out there?


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Just curious what everybodies thoughts are on this... I was looking at arc and the holy moses from dover but dont know what specs are on it. Not sure what all is out there.
Since so many have learned to build and tune them for bsp
id say most any builder putting out good power and getting wins would the best
In this case Who is Best is Plural
We are running two Holy Moses carbs on two different karts in the pro clone lite class and my drivers said it was a big improvement over some other carbs we've tryed. jmo
With All the parity in this class now, i think the 'best' is.... "What works for You"! The challenge is in 'seat-of-the-pants' testing! A flow-bench and dyno would 'help', but....that's ALL they would do! In the all comes down too "Kart and Driver". If I had the ability too do so....I would invite all the BIG suppliers too summit their products for 'open' comparison testing and publication! (Wouldn't that be a kick-in-the-butt?)
Sneaks already did a blind taste test on carbs about a year or so ago. Posted all the results too, just add it to the other lost information from the crash.
Sneaks should post the results again, but I believe NR's BSP stage 3 carb showed the most HP or was at least top 3...
I saved a lot of this stuff...