Best B&S Legal Clutch for the Lo206?

What do you feel is the best drum clutch for the LO206 meeting Briggs Rules?

I plan to run some Sprint tracks in addition to my oval racing (in which I was running a Noram GE specified for the local class).
I know it's a matter of opinion and some personal preference to a brand one likes , but I really like the Max - Torque Draggin Skin .
I've thought about the Draggin skin Max Torque as I run that on my screaming rpm vintage McCulloch and it works well. Draggin skin is patented don't quote me on it, but I believe its phenolic resin based impregnating the shoes. The one I run on vintage is a 9 spring.

More curious as to what people are running as I'm planning to race an asphalt oval series with one kart and sprint tracks with another kart, both using the same engine.