Best Cam for Stock flathead?


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this could go on awhile... lol! You need a stock class racing cam? Or your just stating it’s stock and you want to hop it up?


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I'm seeing a trend .
Track type and class might be a big part in the choice .
For a DIY'er, go with the 96-3.
Now, getting springs right may be a challenge without the proper tools and lots of experience.
Most builders have their own proprietary profiles, or twists & tweaks, that they do to common grinds.

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I still use the 96-3 old master grind. The old 96-3 grind is still hard to beat.
I just bought an engine with a DX 5 in it. I'm not familiar with all the cams yet. Any info will help. I also discovered it has a moon power carb and an ARC billit rod. I think the deck has been trued up. Also its odd but the plug is clean dang near but the top end is pretty sooty as well as wet. Wish I knew what they had going on
Here are some pics of the engine. I also have a AAA carb and on a matched tank and shround that goes to another engine. I wonder if it was originally on this engine. It looks to be ported to the max


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They get sooty. The plug was probably changed recently.
Yeah this one was a little more black than that. Its almost like black wet ash from a camp fire. Also did my pictures show up cause I cant find em on my end?