Best Chassis For Big Guy


Im rolling across the scales at 472. I need to shed some weight over the off season. My question is, is there a chassis that performs best for big guys like myself? I know flex in certain chassis can play a huge roll in handling. Im currently running a 2013 Slack Axiom. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as im new to the sport


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Prolly a big tube deal like our charger tyrant would work well. You may be overflexing a standard chassis


I cross the scales at 435. I've tried a few other karts newer than my 2013 Triton. Guess I don't have any of the other karts but still have my Triton.
I know 95% of the guys I race with are on them. The only other chassis I would consider is the 1 1/4 Rival by Ultramax.


I have a Triton 35 for sale cheap. Bigger tube. Built for bigger guys. Not sure how many they made but sounds like what you need $600 roller with body