Best color spring to use in Premier Stinger clutch

For purple plate we run Orange, and our starts are as good or better than a bully clutch most times!
Is that not the "chatter" engagement like on the other noram charts? Red plate stuff we had the red springs on our regular noram. It showed a similar chart and was around 2200 but that was just where it starts to engage total lock up was around 3000.
stinger spring-chart.jpg
copied from comet karts
I preface this by saying i've not owned a stinger, but on my regular noram and the ultimate GE that chart is where the clutch just starts to grab not full lock up. In a red plate class i would be on the Blue one or lower, they list a Dk green and Brown which would be closer if that is truely a chatter engagement chart like the others they have been known to publish. Only thing is i don't see the options to buy them on comet below a Blue one. Brian Carlson on here has been a huge help to me when i was researching clutches and has mentioned he has any combo of springs you may need and he could tell you where to start i'm sure.