Best location for lead weights


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My son races in a #290 class he only weighs 80 pounds, I have to add a ton of lead to get him up to weight. I would like to know if it is better to add weight to the seat, or spread it out around the frame, and still have your % right. Advantages/Disadvantages



my girlfriend runs stock light 330 weight and she weighs 100 pounds... I have weight stacked evenly on the sides of her seat as far forward as possible, one 5# piece in center of front bumper floorpan, one 5# piece on back right of seat... was actually able to eyeball and get nose/left right where i wanted it first try, 2004 ultramax blaze octane is the kart


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I got some nice flat sheets from a guy and mounted mine on the back bottom of my seat. The guy that does my scaling dont like to mount much if any on the frame.


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Great info, what ever it takes