Best tire prep for a dry and slick track. With 15 lap sprints.


Im looking for best tire prep for dry and slick conditions that dont lose speed. And has plenty of bite. I run maxxis pink and blues. Thanks.


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You can't go wrong with our Black Bite 2.0.
Several base coats during the week, then a PRW of Monster Bite before going to the grid.

A lot depends on your internal prep as well.
What are you currently using? Cure time? Scuffs or fresh rubber?

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I'd be on something internal (Maxxis or Hoosier) there. Pink Panther would be my first choice.
If it's dry slick on not building any tire temps, then a fresher tire might be better off as well.


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Millbridge is not dry slick. Has been taking tires in the 35 duro range, give or take, last i knew.

I agree... on a GOOD night you'll be 40-42 in the mains.

Millbridge loves GOAT. Usually run a straight up goat tire (35-38) to qualify, then switch to a harder tire that you've wiped with a goat/conditioner mix (i.e. goat and Hot Lap 2).


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Agreed on the internal with Maxxis. I suspect James & Earl are right on with goat, green, or something harsh wiped externally. Goat and Pink Panther 50/50 works nicely when the track is like that. The oils in our Pink Panther keep the tire from drying out when using goat, and you can use Pink Panther as your internal as well. I'm sure James & Earl have their own preferences for internals that work well there also.
On the Outlaw karts there, I know some are needling in our Black Bite 2.0. (Probably because they are picking up some track and laying marbles/dust back down in the groove with their treaded tires.)