Dawg 89
bought a jr cadet for the grand kids to run in kid kart class.
I need to change the axle assembly to an 1 1/4..
any one know any thing about this chassis. has a real nice brake .
can't find a lot when I search the web.
its a road course type for sure.
going to be dirt oval
You will need to replace everything across the rear.. from hub to hub. It could be a costly replacement. If you send a couple of good clear pictures of your rear axle assembly. My son (authorized Margay dealer) may be able to get you a quote to replace the parts with new 1.250" parts. He carries 40mm and 1.250" parts. Send them to

You may be able to get a 1.250 carrier for the brake rotor and for the sprocket carrier and retain the original ones you have with the kart. But the list below will give you an idea. Used may be ok as long as bolt threads are good and not stripped or parts beat to heck from use.

(2) 1.250 bearing Cassettes (3 if kart has a third bearing though it is not usually used)
(2) 1.250 bearings
(1) 1.250 brake rotor carrier
(1) 1.250 sprocket Carrier
(2) wheel hubs.
axles keys for all hubs and carriers
(1) 1.250 Axle
Thanks its a nice little chassis. brake carrier is all i'll probably need though bolt on cassetes sound pretty nice also.
Why would you want to go with a 11/4 setup? Most kid kart classes spec a 4.5x5 and either a 5.0 or 5.5 x5.
You planning on running oval tires? Are you running the Comer or a different engine?
In order to change from a another axle diameter you will need bearings, cassettes, wheel hubs etc. They are not a one size fits all.
been wondering that myself.
40 mm.
Seemed like a god buy at the time. I am not concerned too much about what all needs changed as I will change or mod whatever needs it.
Heck I don't even know the rules and one is 2 the other is 5. kinda need a new driver the other knows to much
Are you sure it is a cadet chassis? Not very common on 40mn axle that I know unless things have changed unless it wasn't built for the Comer class (not run anymore in Europe for many years) and might be a frame built for some other engine like the Parilla Puma.Yiu probably hava a Jr chassis that is similar to an adult but smaller axle and different tubing.
It says jr cadet on the tag best I can recollect I will look again.
wka manual says nothing about axle though I thought they were 1 1/4 need to check as may not be an issue. came outta pittsbugrgh and was run on asphalt sprint there.
There are hubs for American pattern wheels available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm.

If wheels are the issue, no need to change axle.

Same goes for front 17mm or 25mm spindles. Hubs readily available in American pattern.
Why change it all out?
Michael is right you can get metric hubs for American pattern wheels, you'll spend a fortune switching it over with new parts would be better off getting a different kart.
Right there about wheels and hubs. Other than that kids kart is a class to learn, I wouldn't worry much. Just get track time.