Big Block Clone Rod

i'm sure it would but for how long i dont know .

i have a 4340 steel billet rod from Mackay Racing Engines if you are looking around . they are nice
Will a stock big block clone rod stand up to 6500rpms? I have built many 196 or 200 clones but never have built any big blocks.

Nope. Proper clearancing and making sure crank and rod are both round will help. The forces and weights of big block stuff put exponentially more force on parts over the 196s.
the problem isn't really making sure they are round...the problem is the amount of weight that is being thrown around!! the compression stroke is pushing a lot of weight up. this will over the long run, cause the crank end of the rod to elongate and an unbelievable amount of force on the wrist pin...then you have ignition and the rod is getting slammed down, elongating the hole even more and jerking the wrist pin down.... this is going to cause some serious problems! if your going to be using a big block rod, then you might want to consider a better wrist pin too....I saw first hand what the forces on a stock rod/piston and what a good rod/piston combo looks like after running at wasn't pretty!!!