big bore kt 110 mods


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Hey Jon just wondering what mods have you incorporated in your big bore. Did you use that finely ported cylinder you showed the pic of? You plan on running alky? What pipe carb combo are you using? I forgot to mention in my crank weighting that I hogged the Strike piston and took .150 off the skirt too. I think it was around 126 grahams after everything was done to it. I know that I ended up with a little over the 75% # after everything was done. I think George Claussen gave me that 75% # off of tech articles he had read on motorcycle 2strokes and he used those to weight his cranks. I think the 75-80% is pretty close because my engine is as smooth as it can be for a 2smoker at 14500. The head work also was great made the engine come to life, 11+ to 1 was a good #. Havent checked bearings yet but seem to be holding up good to the added piston weight and extra pop from the higher compression ratio. I also think the squish at about .028 is just right with a lightweight rod shot peened and a light wrist pin. Remember that I welded the hemi chamber .200 and turned it down .110 leaving about .090 of added material and the same angle on the squish band. Did you do any of the intake and exhaust track shaping I told you about? That is pretty important as to the velocity of the air flow, on both sides. Let me know what you are doing. Talk to ya soon, keep your eye out for a Buller big bore alky atomizer for me. Almost forgot I have a really good line on out of aka speck yammi cylinders, bored to 52.70 or 52.80 can remember which but can get em real cheap