Big Race Pre-Entries - The Real Purpose?


Just curious........

Is the real reason for pre-entries to save time on race day?


Is it to judge on how many people are coming so the promoter knows if he is getting his pocket or not?


Agree from the road racing standpoint. As a board member of a road racing organization, pre-entries give you a good feel of how you're event is going to go. Of course we still have to write the big check for the track rental one way or the other. A lot of pre-entries help us all to breath a little easier going in.
Pre-entries save SOOOO much time at the beginning of an event.
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At the events such as the Big O, Thunder, Maxxis Nationals, Big 3 Series, World 100, and others, its to save time. They know about what kart count they will have going into the race. When you have over 300 entries, and some of these mentioned have around 800 entries, its so much faster to have lots of these done at Pre Register, than trying to do it all morning of the race.


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It also builds some of the hoop-la leading up to a big race.
When you start seeing big numbers and big names, then it's a "don't miss" event.
...and it has the added benefit of letting you know how many (and possibly who) might be in your class.) This can be especially important if you have a junior driver, or run in an obscure class that typically doesn't get good car counts....Will the event be worth the tow kind of thing.

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