Walk out on it with rubber sole shoe push down with front pad of your foot and twist back and forth and feel how much resistance there is, is the best way, if it feels real slippery not much the more resisatance the more grip track has. If while karts are out on track and tires are picking up dirt not racing clean there's not much grip either, If dry and you see dust rolling across track surface not much grip.
when your talking track I'd think grip, when your talking tire I'd think bite, but that just me maybe.

Ted Hamilton

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If the groove darkens up with prep/rubber, it's high-bite track. If marbles everywhere, dusty, low-bite track. Some use a flat blade screwdriver head pushed into dirt to determine how hard track is. Highly dependent on your type of dirt and preparation style of track.
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Is it bad that I’m still confused.
being confused and questioning what your doing is normal, RP done a good job describing what most people think of when talking track condition vs tire condition. what track wants determines your tire simple enough? that's where the fun part begins for people like my self and other tire "gurus". I always have a old knife in my tool box, and I would take the tip of that knife and stick into the ground above the groove, top of groove, middle. and bottom. I want 4 reading with my knife to see if track varies from top to bottom. if screwdriver or knife doesn't go into ground its hard. if it does its soft. and the further you can push your knife the softer the track is.