Black sand tire storage


My tires were last wiped with black sand, final race got rained out so we’re done for the yr. how will black sand do for storage or should I wipe with something else.


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depends what you want the tire to do... if you want it to harden up a tad over winter let it be.... if you want to preserve it “ and I know I’ll get castrated for this one” spray it down with WD40 to put some oil back in it or prep and atf or a conditioning prep like many sell with heavy oils in it and let it be till spring. 9 chances out of 10 your gonna deglaze everything before the season anyhow. I use blacksand a lot and that’s what I normally do to mine.


I know the black sand make the tire really greasy after application so I didn’t know if that would put good oils in the tire or not


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I believe their (Trac Tac's) Mint is Black Sand & Tire Tuff mixed -- that would be a good wipe for storing tires I would think.
The Black Sand won't hurt anything, but it should NOT be greasy on the surface. Either the tire's sealed over, over wiped, applied to heavy in 1 coat, or something else wrong. A wipe or two of Tire Tuff original would be good if you want to stay with TT's product line.

Don't worry ovaltech1, I won't hurt you -- WD40 is GREAT for repelling water. Mixing it with some ATF "could" help a little.
It certainly won't hurt your tires, but it wouldn't be my first (or second) choice.

Of course my first choice is Pink Panther Thick Formula.
Only available at Carlson Motorsports. :)

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