Blue clutch discs on Vortex 2 Disc


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Everything is good. Plates are the best they ever have been. This is my first year and have learned very much about what to do and how to service certain items. I feel that learning from the SMC people that I need to sand the plates, has really helped. My son is learning as well about how to take care of the Kart on the track. Also I am very appreciative to all the people, ESPECIALLY RACING PROMOTER on here that have given me the knowledge to keep going forward in my program.
How are those clutches working now? Well, I hope.
i am putting one of the ones you rebuilt for me on this weekend. Finally going to retire the bully we've had on since this winter. I should really go back and count the races cause it has to be north of 30. Push them to line up and always remind them to smash it and keep it locked up. No shims left to pull, will send it your way in the next couple weeks.