Bob Evans


I'm really sorry to hear you've had the problems you have encountered. I appreciate you providing a place for us to be able to communicate with others, from across the country and globe, about karting. I hope this set back doesn't hit you too hard.
Good Luck,
Mike Grady
.X2 please let us know asap how we can renew our memberships. Anyone who didn't pay the $20 before should now. Show Bob how much we appreciate this forum.
Thanks everyone, I'll be getting the paypal stuff set up before long.
The old forum got put up in 2004, and really, a lot of stuff needed upgrading. But, I've got to say, the older I get the harder this stuff gets.
Thanks again
I'm going to try to get it as close to the old style as I can, it probably won't be the same because things have changed a lot between the version I was running and the newer versions.
Thanks Bob for all you do. I will be helping by sending my 20 in as soon as I can and you get it all set-up.
Also I guess no telling the new guys to just do a simple search. :)
Bummer that we at 4 cycle have lost so much info/knowledge/archive stuff but thanks to Bob its going to start anew rather than disappear. Just seems as tho the last few years the "old" internet has been corrupted by marketers and other ilk who just want to make the internet an aggravating experience rather than a place to enjoy with ease, surfing, info gathering, but then take a look at the times we are living in..nothing, it seems, is as it appears when it comes to the information pipeline!
So, I was away from the internet this weekend. Im not trying to pry or anything, but what did happened? Last night was the first time I had tried in a few days or so and this one wasn't here. Anyways, thanks Bob for getting us something back up to post on!
I don't even know what happened. I am sorry. Will ther ebe any chance at all to recover all that info? I think it was probably the most complete source of karting info in the World. I learnt so much myself here... Thanks anyway, Bob. Maybe this is a nchance to delte or move over the negative stuff here and keep building on the positive side.
I have to chime in and say thank you as well. I'm a 45 yr old newbie with a 13yr old son who raced about 4 times last season. We are both going full tilt next season for the first time. I cannot thank you enough for all the information your site has given me. As well as the opportunity to deal with a great bunch of guys acroos the country and obtain several items to get us off the ground. The effort is appreciated very much.