What is the body of choice for an 08 Icon? Im running a full 1/4 mile dirt track where aero and drafting play a big part. Also the body we have now lacks enuff room for a size 13 shoe. So I need some hight and foot room as well.

maybe consider the m & m areotuff? they have the newer swoop sides as well as the older style ( non swoop as i call it ) or 574 536 6103, i just bought one, and we race mostly a 1/4 asphalt oval track, check out their website. i met with bruce mcdonald and his facility is very clean and organized with plenty of bodies in stock ready to ship.
the new triton or seraph body will fit ,looks good on icon, the triton right side panel is lower than the seraph body so it will clear for cranker , in stead of drillling hole .