Box Stock Project engines


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Anyone run their engines? The seem fairly inexpensive, just wondered how good they are.

I run the BSP engine. Many builders begin with a BSP engine and blueprint them. I have also run the red Ducar clone engine and have been equally satisfied.
We have 4 Total Concept Racing engines and he starts with a Box Stock Project and we are usually running up front in the 4 classes we run. I wouldnt hesitate to get one of those motors
I understand he is. The motors they sell are very good motors. On a regular weekend track they are basically enough to keep you competitive. If an builder gets ahold of them they can keep you up front like they have been doing for us....
I think the BSP engines are a great platform to start with, they come with the max stroke crank, cc's are usually very close to where they should be, and the piston is up in the hole consistently, and as far as i can tell, the heads that come on them are a good casting also. I have one of these BSP engines, and it makes great power in stock form. Add a billet flywheel, more timing, more air and fuel, bigger pipe and some better valve springs along with the right cam and you have a torqy motor.