Box Stock Project Original Sealed Crate Motor Engine/Class outline.


Hopefully this will clear up any rumors or questions you may have about the crate motors from Box Stock Project.
First and foremost this is NOT a sales add. This is for informational purpose in regards to the large amount of questions about this particular motor.

The Original Box Stock Project Sealed Crate motor is as follows:

The Original BSP Engine out of the box comes with the NEW JT-223 Cylinder head (BEST
ON THE MARKET!), hardened heat treated crankshaft, BSP 4 camshaft, stock light weight piston with rings, stock light weight wrist pin, stock performance cast rod with T6 treatment, green stripe springs for longevity, ARC aluminum big bertha chain guard and bolts, RLV mini muffler, RAPP thin flange header pipe, aluminum filter adapter, BSP aluminum top plate, Walbro Fuel pump with nuts & bolts, 1'6" of fuel line, Filter and Filter sock and BSP JLS aluminum flywheel that is rated and tested to over 10,000 RPM's and certified through BALCO, the industry leader in spin testing verification.

All engine seals are done here in house at Box Stock Project to ensure consistency, fairness, and to cut down on cost to the racer. BSP sets the valve lash and checks all the bolts to ensure they are torqued to spec. No other organizations, dealers or engine builders have our seals to reseal a motor and we keep track of every engine number and all seal numbers. We also send a list of the numbers out to tracks and promoters for their verification at races for seal tech. There is no alteration or tech allowed inside the sealed areas of the motor. If the seal on the motor is cut, broken, or does not match the numbers on record, we will not honor the motor or recognize it as a legal crate engine.

We do however offer a long block for people who have a crate motor and want to get a new fresh one but, don’t want to spend the money on all the accessories that came with the original crate motor they purchased. You must check with your local track or rule committee first.

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Box Stock Project,

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