Box stock project


What needs to be done to a box stock project motor to make it akra legal? And is there a certain carburetor they want you to use.


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Doesn't look like anybody wants to touch this one. Lol
It should be legal .
Now blueprinting is another thing .
As is checking every little thing that could possibly be out of spec .
Get a rulebook and check what you have the skills to check .
Run it and when you win the tech person will let you know what not right .


It's will be legal out of the box, but there are improvements that can be made within the rules. Porting, timing, overall blueprinting.


There are many things on engines that have a no-go labeled to them . Tech's have tools to check these . No-go means it has a maximum size allowed , the measuring tool for that particular piece must not be able to go into or thru whatever is being checked . A Must-Go is a minimum measurement , meaning the Tech's measurement tool must be able to go into or thru said part or object being measured .