i picked up an impulse an kinda confused... looking at the breaks an to me the bleeders an lines are up side down.. the bleeders are on the bottom with the lines at the top... is this normal way impuse does it other karts were the other way around with bleeders at top... will it really make a dif. other then when trying to bleed them.... opps BRAKES
swap em....simple solution, but it really doesn't matter....the lines on top or on bottom, as long as they don't leak and you can stop, then they are working correctly...who ever had the chassis before you might have did this to make it easier to gravity bleed the brakes.
They are upsidedown,just flip them over.They will not gravity bleed if upside down,air bubbles will go to the top,creating a trapped airpocket at the opposite end of bleeders.
thank you t&t thats what i thought i even called them an asked an she told me that is the way he has always done it... it just didnt seem right to me.. i will change them.
thanks t&t too! some do things that make no sense to us, but to them it's the "logical" thing to do! but then again, i use a vacuum pump to bleed our brakes...makes sure no air gets trapped! :)