Bridgestone YDS or other HARD Tire


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Hello everyone,

I was thinking that a super hard tire like the Bridgestone YDS would be good for our entry level kart class. We run a .3 mile 7 turn road course.

Have any of you run this tire or similar in a clone type kart on a roadcourse? What were your thoughts?

Also, are YDS tires still being made and sold? If not, what would be the comparable tire now available?

can't say about bridgestones, but you don't want a super hard tire. it will kill your cornering and getting off the corners will be like ice skating. get a good medium compound tire and use that. super hard tires wear better than soft or medium compounds, but you have to get some heat into them on a paved track to do any good. you're on a very small road course type track and your going to be on and off the throttle a lot and not give the tires a chance to get up to temp. but, please (and this is not sarcastic!), go ahead with your super hard your lap times and record them....then get on a good set of medium compound tires and see what the stop watch tells you....

that my friend, is the only way to judge what you need. even for a rookie or entry level class, a super hard tire is not the way to go.