BRIGGS 19158 DU bushing tools for flatty


I'm in search of a used briggs 19158 kit for installing the DU bushings in mag side of 5HP flatty blocks. I realize its discontinued and like finding a needle in a haystack. Pretty much nobody wants to part with one. If not available can someone kindly chime in on how it could be done just using a mill and possibly a reamer that would be correct size? (size reamer, interference fit etc..) Any help here is appreciated as I have a few that need done and would like to not have to send the blocks out to be done. :confused:
If you do decide to send them out -- send them our way. We've been able to save a lot of nice blocks by installing a DU bushing in them. :)

Setting them up to align bore in a mill is not that difficult really. You can mount the block to the mill table using the sidecover and center the flywheel side bushing counterbore using a crank that's been cut down. Indicating it in takes some time to do it right - no two ways around that. Use an edge finder, and if you have DRO it will help tremendously. You can bore it with a center/endcut end mill, or small boring bar. The size of the counterbore depends on the size of bushing you use. The DU bushings are a press fit and require no finish reaming - keep that in mind when cutting your counterbore -- it must be perfect the first time. The steel bushings do require finish sizing. John @ EZ Bore may have a fixture available for helping in doing this -- worth a phone call anyhow.

Thanks and God bless,
Brian Carlson
Carlson Racing Engines
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Thank you brian. I'm pretty confident I can do this in the mill, any idea what the press fit would be for the DU bushing by chance?