Briggs Animal throttle quick connect kit

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Is it recommended to loctite (or even solder) the quick connect? Should there be a screw from each side to make a throttle cable sandwich? I only have one motor so maybe a quick connect is overkill (before I had this when I pulled the motor I would just take the top of the carb off and put it in a zip loc baggie in the seat, and another bag on top of the carb to keep dirt out).
The quick link makes it easy to check to see if the slide is opening fully.
I've seen this be an issue.

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How do you break the cable on the missing link to take the engine off? (on the Kwik Link there is a pin that gets pulled).


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The easiest way is to unscrew the large cap on the top of the carb that holds the slide and return spring in the carb.
Then use your 1/4" impact with a 10mm socket. Take the two bolts out that hold the throttle linkage bracket to the engine. Take the complete assembly and lay it in the seat.
Doing it this way is much quicker and easier than taking cables apart.
It takes maybe 30 seconds to do it this way, especially if the ends of the cable are frayed.
It's also easier than taking compression fittings apart.
If you are switching engines just use the same slide and throttle linkage bracket you laid on the seat.
Put the whole assembly in the other engine.
Another 30 seconds to install.
Anyone know what size allen wrench is needed? Seems I have every damn one but this.
I had over a hundred of them until a few days ago when I finally cleaned out all the ones that come with the kits!
There are at least 3 different set screws used in them. The current ones we use take the same allen as a 4-40 button head used in Bully clutches (for what that's worth.) :) Mine measure .062" flat to flat if that helps.
I'd be glad to send you a few allen wrenches that I have here, but the shipping would be more than the wrench is worth. LOL
Once you get it out go with a socket head bolt. I hadnt been racing a couple months when i figured out it was time to go to hardware store and get rid of that crap it came with. Sutherlands is my local choice with a good supply