Briggs Yellow clone Tech info


My girlfriends dad has a go kart track, he is wanting to start the briggs clone class, the tech man he has is not familiar with these motors, nor ohv engines any tech info will be greatly appreciated
briggs doesnt make a yellow clone, those clones are made by Box Stock Project, Ducar, Dupor, or a few other brands. Briggs has an LO206 OHV engine that woud be good for beginners and can be raced strait out of the box.

What kind of tech info are you needing?
If your just looking for specs to tech the yellow clone motors by, you can buy an AKRA rulebook that has the new 2014 rules in it for all of the engines available. There are basically 4 OHV engines you will find at tracks around the country. The most popular is the Clone engine, which is a copy/clone of the Honda GX200 engine except the clones are 196cc instead of 200, they come in yellow, red, or blue from most places, but i have seen them in black also. Then there is the Predator 212cc engine, which you can find at Harbor Freight or most tool stores like that, these engines are exactly like the yellow, red and blue clones exept they have a bigger bore and some of them use different parts than the 196 clones, but there is one predator model that uses the same parts as the 196 clones. Then you have the Briggs & Stratton OHV engines, there is the Animal, which i am not very familiar with, and there is the LO206, which i am also not very familiar with. If your looking for engines that can be bought and ran strait out of the box and be competitive, your best choice would be the LO206, which will cost around $575 if i remember right, and they can be competitive right out of the box with minor adjustments, these have a sealed block to keep racers from getting into the engine and changing things for more power, as long as the seal stays intact, the amount of power that can be made is limited to what is done to the head, but you can put a spec on the head parts and give the racers rules to go by. There are already great rules for the L0206 in place in the AKRA rulebook if you want to get one and check it out.

Im sure others on here can give you more info than i can, but im just trying to give you some basic info to go by. You can find more by looking in the Clone section in the Engine forums on this site, or the Briggs OHV section for info on the Animal and L0206 engines.