BSP 3 or 4 cam


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I’ve heard that there is a bit more power in the mid and upper rev range with about 400 more rpm available. Hopefully Chris will chime in he’s been testing the daylights outta these cams.

Big Chris

Cam testing

See link above to dyno data. The BSP4 makes power higher in the rpm range than the BSP3 does. The BSP3 falls off after 5600-5800 rpm.

I want to say that the BSP3 was circa 2014/2015 (could be wrong there) and since then the effort has been to ever increase the usable rpm range with 10.8 lbs springs. Back in its day, the BSP3 was a good cam, but continued development has rendered it obsolete.

There are two separate pulls on the BSP4, one with a 111° ILC install and another at a 113° ILC install.