Building a Limited Modified


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Im cheep : so i may be off a little .
1500-1800 . For all new .
A discount ...;)


Dang...guess Ill have to find a used one. I wont be using it a lot. Just toy around with. I always thought they sounded cool at 9000.

Its for a RWYB no 2 strokes class...i know...ghey...but some modified Predators are winning. Figured a LM would be interesting mix.


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I just put one together with parts I had accumulated at the shop, .060 bore block, side cover, new head and new crank. The rest I had to buy, cost me about $1000 on top of that. I see some of the big name guys getting $1800-$2500.


The lasted one I priced out for a guy was just over $2200. Everything brand new.
Yea, you're looking $2200+ for all new. A new WKA stocker runs $1550, and look at all the bigger aftermarket parts you will be putting in/on it above that! Just a rebuild on a limited runs $600 anymore.

Also, the newer blocks are so much stronger that I'd try to stick with using them over the older castings.

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Hp wise why not ?
ohv , big valves , camshaft , tilly carb , billet rod , billet sidecover , ported , billet flywheel and a pipe .


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its a big plus as far as flow .
Same as a rice rocket vs a Harley .
Fast and cheap vs big and bad .
We toss around the idea of racing a limited regularly. Setting the cost aside, the biggest hang up for me is I'm simply not familiar with the class. Most people I talk to that build or run limited's tell me to not even consider a flathead and to run an animal. I was quoted $1900 for a limited animal. Does the information of running an animal over the flathead seem right?


Here’s something you can chew on. Go to and add these parts to your cart: block, side cover, milled head for modified, crank, PTO crank bearing, mag side crank bearing, billet cam, extended lifters, dual valve spring kit with retainers, valves, valve cover, PCV valve that screws into the top oil fill plug on the side cover, billet 4.500” rod, Wiseco piston, ARC flywheel, coil, shroud, flywheel washer, starter nut, screen for shroud, head gasket, side cover gasket, valve cover gasket, PTO side seal, Mag side seal, spark plug, Tillotson carb, intake, filter adapter, air filter, header, gaskets for intake and exhaust. And don’t forget a starter so you can start it and a zip tie on the plug wire to shut it off and a quart of oil.

Now you’ve also got porting, polishing, machine work, and building/set up. And I’ve probably forgot something.