Building a limited open

What would you do?

Have to keep stock stroke
Have to keep small valve.
No 3" bores
Large and short tracks.
kind a old thing but fun to see who does what
whats your rpm range you want??? mid-high-low
ideas what youll run with???

ive been happy with old style 212- stainless valves, 26lbs springs, alum keepers, stamped 1-3 rockers in the 212 head taken down .065 with a full port... down low I went with a +.020 arc rod and stock piston black mamba sr cam and an ultra light flywheel.... im seeing 7,600 rpm out of tune... im sure ill see 8,000 with a good tune
yep then id say that yak had it with the 310 isky... I should only see 8,000 to 8,500.... the 310 will have more duration then the black mamba sr.