Building the UAS/RYWB class in Central Texas in 2014 - Who's interested?


I will be posting this in a couple other parts of the forum for those that may not read the UAS page, but I am trying to track down all of the UAS/ RYWB guys/gals that I see at the track that may not get on Bob's much, or at all.
Seems we have had a decent count of UAS/RYWB karts at the year end shows (12+) and it typically a different group each time, so I know there are quite a few karts out there, but Texas is a big state, so i'd like to start a post where we can communicate races for 2014 (outside of and not conflicting with the UAS schedule that gets run each year).
I'm sure Christi Mayo or Jarod Ort can chime in on the official 2014 UAS schedule/ dates, but I'd like to get a roll call for what tracks run a UAS/RWYB class and what are some of your paying/ large shows are for 2014?
I do know that Kam Kartway in Rhome will begin running us once a month (dates TBD), but it will be a paying showing each time, 1st race will probably be in late March (1st UAS race of 2014?). Also, there is a touring series for all kart classes, it is being run by Outlaw Karting of America (, they have added the RWYB class to the schedule, so if you are interested, please check it out, 1st race is 4/12/14 at Cactus Speedway.

Shack, RacinJason, Mikey W???

Thanks, Matt
i have a winter home in brownsville(south texas) , but go up to corpus Cristy all the time, but can never find a place to race, how far away are we talking
There are a couple in the Beaumont area and soon to be one more as soon as I get mine done. The Emily Foux Memorial race a The Kart Track in Beaumont paid 1500 to win this year and we had I believe 10 or 12 show up. This race should be on the schedule again for next year. As soon as Jason gets a schedule out I will post the date here.

Thanks Steven.
We are trying to get some unlimited stuff here in south east texas area.
I know of a few karts getting built.
Not sure if everyone can travel ... but if we can get some karts to our track, I guarantee to get karts at other tracks.

Schedule after Christmas!
I'm down for racing at KAM once a month. Any chance of getting a comon calendar posted with all the races in the area? SHACK