Buller Aero with two Kart City Animals

Clearing out garage with 3 heart surgeries not working. Was in the middle of a Buller Aero rebuild. Selling the project in pieces. All there. Two Kart City open Animals. Have not been ran. All new parts. One with EC 304 carb and one with World Formula carb. Don't know the specs just told Gary to build them the way they should be built. I do know they have the long rod and they are not stroked. Both built to same spec. Email or text for pictures. Located in Oklahoma City. $2000.00. 405-623-4030 dtapp1716@gmail.com Dennis


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dennis> would like to have them! what year is the aero? had my own heart problems last month now have a pacemaker installed! not fun! hope you get well soon! john hilton
I will get the numbers off the kart when I get home. Was told it was one of the last few years. Petals are in the middle of porch. Send me an email and I will send pictures.
Have had several calls on the kart only but that is the only kart I have that can use the Animal engines. So I am offering the open Kart City Animal with the EC Burt 304 carb for sell. This engine has new piston, long rod, valves, springs, cam and updated ignition. Has everything that Gary can do to an animal with out stroking or using billet parts. Dyno time only. $750.00 delivered in the lower 48 states. Email or text for pictures. Dennis dtapp1716@gmail.com 405-623-4030
Any Christmas money out there? I have received many emails, text and calls on this engine all wanting the horse power numbers. I never ask when I bought it so I called Rob at Kart City and ask. He told me these engine on his dyno run around 24 horse power. He did say that it is hard to compare other engines from other dyno's. He sells this same engine for $1700.00. He told me I was crazy selling for $750. Health reasons are the only reason I have to clear out the garage. Dennis dtapp1716@gmail.com 405-623-4030