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I got a bully clutch from a relative who is getting out of racing. The discs are just about to the metal. How hard is it to replace these discs and can anyone point me to a video showing how?
^^^^^Right there is best advice you will get. Brian is the man and can get you hooked up on the good advice about the clutch and he rebuilds clutches also.
Typically removing the actuator plate and replacing the discs and floaters isnt difficult at all. Setting spring height, changing the drive gear and any other surprises that come up require some skill. Best value for the dollar is just what Skidude and MOPR --> Carlsonmotorsports.com


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A good clutch grind and rebuild , the benifits cant be denied .
Switch the disc is simple enough . Measure your spring hieght with a caliper . Remove the spring nuts . Remove the 6 bolts in the center of the activator plate .
Mark you floaters for which side is top and first or second .
Hand sand your floaters with 220 . Reassemble .
There may be a shim or two or none . They are used to set the air gap .
Which should be .035- .045 .
It wont be quite as good as one with a fresh grind .
Thanks for the referrals, guys! Much appreciated.

If you're going to tackle this yourself - be SURE to index the discs location and orientation as mentioned above.
Having a fresh cut/grind on the metal parts is always advisable as well.

Clutch setting fixtures.jpeg

We have all parts in stock for clutch rebuilds, or feel free to send it our way for quick turn-around.

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