saw this on espn this morning and it reminded me of why i quit playing high school football. pretty sad when something like this is still an issue in professional sports. especially a sport like football. i stoped playing football when i got the money to race which is what i always would have rather done but didnt have the money for and because many of my "teamates" were... well... complete jackasses. some of the kids were fun to be around. our coach always told us that we were "men of character." "its not about what you do when everybody is present. its about what you do when nobody is watching." but some of the starters on the A team and even B team (not all of them) were the kings of harrasment. went on with me some of my friends on the team and even kids in the halls durring school hours. wonderful way to represent themselves right? glad im racing now anyway. ive met some of the coolest people in the world. people im glad to call my friends also. one guy i raced with even gave me a job after i graduated. where we race even our biggest competitors are our best friends . its like a family and im greatful for that