Burris piston pin retainer


I use duck bill pliers. Grab it flat at 6 oclock, Push it in then hold it with your thumb nail as you release the pliers then push it home with the nose of the pliers.


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Not having seen a burris retaining ring.
If it a round ring you can put the first one in vertically and then roll it horizontal.
spirolocks are the worst.
if its got a tab as Sundog said just grab it with a needle nose and push twist it in.
It does take some finesse.
Buttons are the way to go if allowed.


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No just grab the ear push and spin.
start the open end first.
Good clean work space just don't let them fly off into never to be found land.


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Trial and error I figured a way that was pretty easy.
I machined a tool that holds clips and allows you to just push and turn. It can be done with a good set of needle nose pliers but I took it to the next level and made a tool.
Thanks for the help guys.


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The OEM Briggs clips are exactly the same shape but are much easier to install.
Neither one will ever fall out.


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champ12, Don't know what you're tool ended up looking like, but I made something similar to a heli-coil insert holder (slot in the end) out of a spare socket (nut) driver that worked well years ago.
I've got a great pair of angled needle nose pliers that make installing these simple and that's what I use today and on a daily basis.

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I just put my first set in and it was a grunt job. Definitely need to put some muscle and total concentration behind it. Oh and by the way, they go in so hard that they remove aluminum particles so you need to clean the Piston well after installing the clips