Burris slicks

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What does the letters mean SS, B , A example, ss33a or B44A, B44B.
Also is the date code the last 4 dig, Some tires i have end in like 07 08 ect.
Recently got a new one was told you add the 3rd to and last number xxx508=13
others i have seen this seams wrong, Thanks in advance
Anything late 2009 the last 4 digits of the tire are the week the tire was made, then the year. For example 3708 would mean the tire was made on the 37th week of 2008. 2010 and up they changed the codes I believe where now you can only tell what year the tire was made in, no week. Last 2 digits added together give you the year. I'm looking at a tire with a code T9P6L49H, 4+9 =13, 2013 tire.
SS is Solution Series. There were SS-33's, and now SS33A's. The A I'm not sure if it stands for anything, I know it's just an updated version of the original SS-33. Also there's a B33A which I believe is just a softer sidewall than a SS-33A. There is also a new B33B available that I read is a little harder than an SS-33A with a stiffer sidewall.
There must not have been any updates to an SS-11 or SS-22, because you can still buy those brand new with no A's or B's added on to the compound.
SS-44, and SS-55 are the older versions of what are now B44A and B55A. A's and B's may just be used to identify a different version or construction of the tire, not 100% sure on that. Hope this helps.