burris stud kit?


how good is the burris stud kit? i heard stud kits are good for high comp builds but would the stock head bolts be fine with a fire ring head gasket?
burris has a good stud kit. do not use stock head bolts on any build. be sure to retorque the fire ring gasket after a heat cycle.
Or you can go to your local automotive parts supplier, and get the same thing.
For half the price.
Or get the Burris set, and no drive time.
I find the Burris a little short and self defeating w/the built in washers;I use the Raceseng or NR for 18 times the price w/ separate washers;better Torque yield
i was thinking about buying both the side cover kit and the head kit because isky sells them, and i cant afford raceseng allen bolts, are the solid dowells good? or do they crack the block, ive heard so many horror storries about the solid side cover dowells
I Usually run 1 solid dowel and 1 hollow haven't seen or had any ever crack unless they were loose to start with;And don't waste your cash on bolts if you do, the advantages of using studs is lost,IMO. The Burris's work OK, I have used them.... just a tad short on head for me, plus I like separate washers for a few reasons.