Burris tire compounds

I mainly run Burris 33s tires, and feel like they are the most durable, and work pretty well. I've experimented with the 22s and really haven't noticed much difference, aside from they obviously wear a little quicker.
So my questions are:
with the 11s. Are they worth trying at my track, that is slick for the heats, but tacks up pretty well for the feature?
What about mixing and matching compounds, like trying an 11 on LR, or RF, and 33s on the other tires?
And, for a daytime race, where the track is going to be hard and slick for the duration. Keep in mind, this is a 40 lap race, and I would be concerned if the 11s would hold up that long?
Thanks guys for any input, regarding tire compounds.

racing promotor

We race a lot at a track FRI night's where it's hard usually does not dry out but always stays slicked over Spring and fall it's 11's, summer it's usually 11's heat race 33's features, It is a banked track where times bottom stays more moist less grip I have ran 11's on the inside and 33's on the outside with good results, I've found it's best to just skip the 22's go to more prepped 33's, make NO mistake it's still all about reading the track and getting on the right tire for current condition. Sounds like by your discription there are times you could run 11, but I'd say for your day races it would be 33's.