Burris tires

Arc Angel 18

New member
Ok, recently decided to go to college and i'm going to try and take one of my karts along with. Doing some research looks like the local tracks have a burris tire rule. I've never dealt with the burris tires just wondering if someone could get me pointed in the right direction with these as far as prepping and cutting them
All depends on where your racing and what the tracks are like. Let us know a location and we could help with some right answers to your question instead of a bunch of guessing.
Ill get in touch, thanks normally run maxxix on dirt and vegas on asphalt. never dealt with burris. This past year was my first full year in karting pretty good year got better with each race with what I was doing before but I know I have a lot to improve on particularly with tires and I know tires are a big part of karting and I want to focus on getting my tires right. I guess I should also focus on my studies as well lol