Butch Wysong - Update


Hello everyone. Haven't really been on lately but wanted to let all of dad's racing friends and family know that he has really taken a turn for the worse in the last three weeks. I was out of the country for a few weeks in SE Asia and upon returning home this Wednesday, dad has been getting increasingly worse with each passing day.

He is now residing at Heartland of Greenville in room 39. The physical address is 243 Marion Drive Greenville, Ohio 45331 and anyone who would like to stop by and visit may. I know he would really enjoy seeing everyone again as it doesn't appear that dad will ever drive, walk nor visit a karting track again.

Kart racing was his life and the thing he enjoyed the most. Most dad's take their kids fishing or to a zoo but my dad took me racing every since we moved back to Ohio in 1988. He loved the smell of the track, the challenge of the kart and meeting all the people we've met over our years in the sport. I think he enjoyed flagging the KOC races in N. Carolina and at Wayne County Speedway more than wrenching on my kart though.

It just seems to me that we often wait until someone in our sport passes to show them how much they meant to us and I'd like to give dad the feeling of friendship in his final few months, weeks or days here with us. So if your schedule permits and if you happen to find yourself in the local Greenville area, please stop on by and say hello to Butch, Butchy, Paul, or Mr. Wysong as some of you may have called him over the years.

He's been loosing an average of 10 pounds per day and his memory is beginning to go at a rapid pace now. It's my wish to get him to the next BMI race, if at all possible, as I know it will be his last. Thanks Dad and everyone else for all the memories on and off the track.

God Speed Butchy83!

Paul Wysong & Family
nice thread Paul , I am sorry you are going through this . It is a VERRY VERRY HARD TIME FOR YOU . I know as I lost my Dad Oct 2nd this year , and not a day goes by I dont think about him !! last night was nice he stopped in while i was sleeping to say hello in a dream i was having :) i know what you are feeling rite now 618-797-8896 if you need a ear to listen
I sincerely wish the best for you and your family Ohio. I wish I could put it better than Mike as I lost my father 13 months ago but I cant. All we can do is remember, and hope that that time will make us feel better about not spending those moments we could have with the one's we love. I'll do it tomorrow means nothing when tomorrow doesn't come. God bless.
mike your a good man an bonanza so are you.i think of my father everyday. its the chain of life an that's the way it should be. I know that its hard to loose your father but, i do know that as a father i want by son to have a full an happy life. no father should have to lose his son. god bless you paul an your family. joe
i lost my dad one sunday while i was watching the nascar race in atlanta. dad lived in san jose, ca.....if i had one more minute with him, i would want him to see me and my son racing together.....but then again, he does....

stay strong paul....thoughts and prayers going out to you and your family....

mike c.
jm racing
bonaire, ga.
Dad has been moved back to Good Sam in Dayton, Ohio due to his heart failing three times this morning. Will keep you posted via here or on Facebook.

Paul & Family
I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best, Your dad is a good man and I always liked cutting up with him, Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family. If you need anything you have my number, don't hesitate to call.